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Excessive sexual desire on the part of a woman. Also known as hysteromania.



an exaggerated sexual desire in a woman. Nymphomania is caused by endocrine, nervous, or mental disorders. The condition is accompanied by erotic fantasies, and a loss of sexual inhibition leads to casual sexual encounters. Sometimes the term “nymphomania” is used figuratively to describe uncontrolled sexual behavior.

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Having established a link between the mythical nymph and the medical nymphomaniac, I will now attempt to define and understand both as separate categories.
She confides in him that she's a nymphomaniac and a horrible person, he urges her to tell her story, setting off the series of flashbacks that make up the lion's share of the film.
Most of Nymphomaniac is a porno in ratings only (released unrated in the US, its "true," hard-core self is hiding somewhere in Europe, like Polanski).
But his new girlfriend, a nymphomaniac named Narcissa (Maria de Medeiros), who listens to her tapeworm the way Edward G.
She fields questions from a stick insect whose lover is obsessed with her, a fig wasp that laments that all the males she knows bite their girlfriends in half, and a lion bemoaning the fact that his mate is a nymphomaniac.
Kinsey, in particular, by reducing the study of sex to "outlets", notoriously defined the nymphomaniac as "Someone who has more sex than you do.
Leaping around the stage in her glittering gold winkle-pickers and spray-on jeans, Eclair swung from the demonic nymphomaniac to the deranged mother.
Almost any women who seemed to enjoy sex could be called a nymphomaniac by some medical specialist or other and especially if she had a sex drive stronger than that of her male companion.
An alcoholic nymphomaniac posing as the epitome of genteel Southern womanhood, Blanche has, from her first appearance, a fragile hold on reality.
The star's film credits also include Disturbia, Nymphomaniac and Fury.