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Excessive sexual desire on the part of a woman. Also known as hysteromania.



an exaggerated sexual desire in a woman. Nymphomania is caused by endocrine, nervous, or mental disorders. The condition is accompanied by erotic fantasies, and a loss of sexual inhibition leads to casual sexual encounters. Sometimes the term “nymphomania” is used figuratively to describe uncontrolled sexual behavior.

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One said he found Lewinsky repulsive, but had Cindy Crawford been a nymphomaniacal intern, he'd definitely have got the presidential limousine out of the garage.
Friedan contrasts the idealized housewife to the "man-eating mother," who "appears again and again in Williams' plays and in the plays and novels of his contemporaries, along with the homosexual sons, the nymphomaniacal daughters, and the revengeful ma,e Don Juans.
Some are playful and en passant, as in the penchant of the book's one tiresome character, the nymphomaniacal Priscilla, to interject bijoux of faux gallique into her conversation.