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1. a long shaft of wood for propelling a boat by rowing, having a broad blade that is dipped into and pulled against the water. Oars were also used for steering certain kinds of ancient sailing boats
2. short for oarsman
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the oldest apparatus for moving rowboats through the water. The constituent parts of the oar are the blade, the shaft, and the grip. Oars are differentiated according to size and shape into single-bladed oars for rowing from one side, with support from an oarlock, called loom and paddle oars (with one or two per rower) and into twin-bladed oars for rowing alternately on both sides (on kayaks). The smallest and simplest oars are called paddles. The oars of the largest ancient rowing vessels (galleys, triremes, and others) reached lengths of 14 to 16 m, with up to seven oarsmen placed on each oar. Usually oars are made from a single piece of wood (of ash, maple, pine, and others), with binding at the end of the blade. Aluminum oars are mainly used on pneumatic boats.

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What does it mean when you dream about an oar?

Oars represent a journey across the surface of the unconscious. They also symbolize masculine power. Oars penetrate the waters of the emotions and the psyche, moving through the issues at hand. Having only one oar and being motionless, or trying to row with only one oar, may depict the need for a partner or mate.

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