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In Witchcraft, a salute is the term used for a ritual kiss. Witches acknowledge that hugging and kissing are a natural part of life for humans who are close to one another, as coven members are.

There are certain ritual kisses known variously as the "three-fold salute," the "five-fold salute," and the "eight-fold salute." The three-fold salute traces the outline of a triangle and is done on mouth, breast, breast, back to mouth (to close the figure). The five-fold salute describes a pentagram and is genitals, right foot, left knee, right knee, right foot, genitals. The eight-fold salute is both of these salutes, one after the other. In some Wiccan traditions there is an inverted three-fold salute, which is genitals, breast, breast, genitals. Kissing these parts of the person is an acknowledgement of the sacredness of his or her body and of life. It is also an honoring of the God or Goddess within every person.



a solemn form of greeting or the payment of respect by means of artillery or rifle salvos, flags, and so forth as provided for by special regulations. A salute is used to mark important events (for instance, an artillery salute in Moscow and other cities of the USSR on national holidays), during military parades, and at funerals of servicemen and state officials.

International conventions and the internal regulations of the naval powers provide for a salute as a form of rendering naval honors. An exchange of salutes usually takes place when warships (above a specified water displacement) visit ports that have coast batteries, which return the salute. A salute of nations—21 guns—is rendered (simultaneously with the hoisting of the flag of the state) by a foreign warship that arrives in the territorial waters of another state. If the head of state, the ambassador, or some other high official is on board the ship, the fort salutes first.

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Besides paying obeisance at the Ravidas temple, the leaders should also try to adopt his ideology, only then the poor and downtrodden can benefit," Mayawati said.
Those amongst us who pay obeisance to Brussels usually do so because they depend on it in some way to maintain their lifestyle.
Claiming political disinterest, they purpose only to understand the successes and failures of these death-dealing marketing campaigns although a gesture of obeisance is paid towards a wish for more honest selling of wars.
The reason for the question was that they noticed that none of the dignitaries made any form of obeisance when presented to HRH Prince William prior to the match.
Bush years have been characterized by obeisance rather than opposition.
I have to think," concludes Bauer, "that there are many pro-choicers who, while paying obeisance to the rights of people with disabilities, want at the same time to preserve their right to ensure that no one with disabilities will be born into their own families.
Pacific Opera Victoria's first-ever staging of The Cunning Little Vixen paid due obeisance to the spirit of Janacek's 1924 opera, and, judging from snippets of conversation overheard at intermission, opened a lot of Victoria eyes and ears to the composer's spiky individuality.
Yet the ubiquitous visual cue of righteousness and traditional values within this genre--that also celebrates rebellion and independence regardless of the legality of characters' actions--is the iconic act of obeisance to the deified Guan Yu (166-220 C.
For starters, we can ask him how our forebears were able to build the Ghana, Mali and Songhai civilisations (let's leave the Meroe and the Egyptian civilisations out of it for the time being) without paying obeisance to any foreigners.
Corporate conformity, short-termism (driven by obeisance to the god of share price), and a risk-averse culture, resulting in the tendency to research ideas to death, prevail in almost all sectors.
Poignant and wistful certainly but melancholic and forlorn to boot, the repetitive act of stroking the window through which Manhattan beckons seems an act of obeisance, an acknowledgment of the fractious relationship between Manhattan and Brooklyn, a paean to the city just an arm's reach away, a wish to serve and groom it.
This includes joining in public cultic activities (sharing in temple sacrifices and meals) and doing obeisance to the powers-that-be, which John labels "idolatry.