object model

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object model

(1) (Document Object Model) See DOM.

(2) A description of an object-oriented architecture, including the details of the object structure, interfaces between objects and other object-oriented features and functions. See object-oriented programming.

(3) An object-oriented description of an application.
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The ASAP-OM object model expresses application-level associations between objects, for example, between learners and their course registrations.
Software developers can combine multiple independent object models into one project and support the re-use of object models across the entire enterprise.
together with the object model O, forms (D, E R, M), a foundation on which query models can be built.
Business object models can also be exported into leading application development environments, such as IBM's VisualAge and Powersoft's PowerBuilder.
The InFusion engineering environment includes both a unified, systemwide Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and powerful, object-based Equipment, Unit, and Plant Application Object Models.
Passport's relational object model is much more adept (than the hierarchical model found in 'virtually every object-oriented 4GL') at supporting reuse due to the independence between objects (tables) and the navigational independence that is facilitated by the relational model.
IMI), the leading provider of Information Life Cycle Solutions to the Global 1000, today announced it has released a Topic-Based Document Suite for Content Mapper(TM), including XML document Schemas in support of DITA, Mapping Object Model (MOM) and other standard document structures.
IBM's distributed system object model (DSOM) currently being beta tested for use with OS/2 and AIX, is the industry's first cross- platform, multi-language distributed object manager and is also 100 percent CORBA-compliant.

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