object model

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object model

(1) (Document Object Model) See DOM.

(2) A description of an object-oriented architecture, including the details of the object structure, interfaces between objects and other object-oriented features and functions. See object-oriented programming.

(3) An object-oriented description of an application.
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* Ease of use: A common object model can be used with all farm management software, including plug-in libraries that allow farm management software to convert to and from the common object model and different file formats.
HLA consist of HLA Rule [7], Federate Interface Specification [8], and Object Model Template [9].
The developer has the possibility to customize and extend the functionality of Office applications by developing solutions that address their complex object model. A major advantage when developing a solution targeting the Office system consists in the possibility of being able to reuse components of the most widely known and feature offering applications.
The process of dialogue act modelling includes building of a user-website interactive communication model, an object model, and a behaviour model for a WBS.
Our system is based on three models presented in detail in (Bouzeghoub, Carpentier, Defude and Duitama, 2003): (a) the domain model, which represents the concepts covered by the LO, (b) the learner model, which keeps the profile of learners, and (c) the learning object model, which describes LO content related to the domain model.
In a difference to object model, offered scripting model is oriented to define specified, specific aspects of future applications in specified problem domain, but not on all application functionalities, because the other are specified on lower level--in program code templates (metaprograms), which are called metascripts within the scripting model.
To make the browser adaptable to a wider number of applications, dynamical persistent additions can be made to the browser object model. This way the objects can be adapted to specific necessities of a given application.
Toxicogenomics experiments performed using validated NIEHS NCT and NTP methodologies will be captured in their entirety via a unique microarray, proteomics, metabonomics object model that has been extended from MAGE Object Model (MAGE-OM) OMG.
An applications object model defines its logical components and the relationships between them.
To make it easier for software developers to write SMI-S-compliant providers, the SNIA is developing an open SMI-S-based object model repository for device information.
The technology allowed Pacific Life to reuse all the key and core Common Object Model components of its sales-illustration system that it didn't want to rewrite and at the same time allowed the company to innovate using Web services to move the application onto the Internet quickly with minimal new investment.
Finnish IT company Tekla Corporation said today (13 June) that it had signed a license contract with German utility company Hamburgische Electricitats-Werke HEW (Hamburg electricity utility) for the COM (Component Object Model) interface for the Tekla Xpower network information system.

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