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Some relationships such as Parental Object Relationship (POR), Social Object Relationship (SOR), and Co-Work Object Relationship (CWOR) defined by SIoV [2] will be used in our system for trust evaluation.
Wrapper classes adopt the following rules, which represent a common object relationship among building objects.
Specific dimensions tied to the therapeutic alliance included basic trust; object constancy; self-constancy; dyadic object relationship; dyadic reality testing; tolerance of frustration, anxiety, and depression; and triadic object relations among others.
The new release also features improved business support management and enhanced object relationship management and introduces cluster maps, which show report results in levels of nested boxes displayed in a layered diagram.
All three reported at least one object relationship lasting five to ten years.
She began to examine the ways in which the viewer/art object relationship reproduces basic cognitive processes.
Constraint is the most important object relationship and is measured and expressed in terms of degrees of motion (DOM).
The infant passes eventually from the state of the Id to the Ego, initially through the coordination of movements enabling the procurement of pleasure and the avoidance of displeasure, and later through the development of an object relationship in connection with the identification with affective others.
If the link between the parents is perceived in love and hate can be tolerated in the child's mind, it provides him with a prototype for an object relationship of a third kind in which he is a witness and not a participant.
* Object Modeling Cards and various Object Relationship Diagrams

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