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However, distributed object technology usually encounters a number of serious obstacles when applied on the Internet.
Using an object technology approach, we were able to take advantage of commercially available best-of-breed off-the-shelf component software to support the functions required by SAS.
LogOn Technology Transfer has launched OTLand, a new web service exclusively dedicated to IT professionals interested in all aspects of object technology for business.
Object technology, however, does have some downsides including a steep learning curve.
The Object Management Group's Corba is widening its lead over Microsoft's DCOM among larger enterprise users in Japan, where the overall market for distributed object technology is starting to take-off, says a new report by Soken Planning Co Ltd, a local market research company and affiliate of the OMG.
With subjects including COM, CORBA, UML and Rational Rose, ICONIX's suite of multimedia CD-ROM tutorials on Object Technology is in widespread use in more than 40 countries around the world.
Guide 2.0 features DataWindow Object technology, giving call center managers a powerful tool that supports sophisticated database interactions, including returning multiple rows from a single query, returning columns from multiple tables utilizing joins, and advanced display and editing capabilities.
To make the link easier, Intellution, Norwood, Mass., has adopted component object technology, an open standard that it hopes will make future links to ERP systems easier.
Such integration uses industry standard object technology on certified platforms to address the management of plant and corporate information.
However, when coupled with distributed object technology, it forms a strong basis for the development of a robust system that supports client/server computing.
Euclid Quantum Version 1.2 from Matra Datavision, Andover, MA, contains two new products for styling and drafting, demonstrating the CAS.CADE object technology. Euclid Styler and Euclid Drafter can be used as standalone solutions or linked to other Euclid Quantum applications.
Cabletron has also said it will add CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) object technology to its Spectrum APIs during 1998.