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Complete removal of an organ or other body part by disease or surgical excision.
Closure of a lumen.
Loss of memory or consciousness of specific events.



(1) In medicine, the complete closure of a hollow or tubular organ as a result of proliferation of tissue—usually connective tissue—from the organ’s walls. Obliteration usually results from an inflammation; more rarely, from the proliferation of a tumor. Obliteration can produce serious disorders, for example, endarteritis obliterans. Retention cysts, such as atheromas, can develop from the obliteration of certain ducts, including glandular ducts. Complete obliteration of the oviducts leads to sterility. Obliteration can also be a healthy sign or condition. For example, obliteration of the pleural cavity in pleurisy is an indication of healing, and obliteration of the vaginal process of the peritoneum occurs in the normal course of development.

(2) In botany, the normal flattening of cells and tissues. The intercellular and intracellular cavities of a plant can be filled because of obliteration. Examples of the disappearance of internal cavities because of obliteration can be found in the membranes of some fruits, in the tissues of a developing embryo, and in a plant stem that is growing thicker.

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London, Sep 8( ANI ): Jonnie Peacock, who beat Oscar Pistorius to win the T44 100m in record time at the London Paralympic Games, has ruled out any possibility of sprinting against able-bodied athletes at Rio de Janeiro Games in 2016, saying the world's fastest runner Usain Bolt would obliterate him in a race.
PNN The Director of maps and information systems department of the Arab Studies Society, Khalil Al-Tufkaji, confirmed that the Zionist occupation aims to obliterate the Arab identity through the destruction of the Islamic monuments in Jerusalem.
He is a psycho messianic Shi'ite who wants to obliterate Israel, but Iran is obligated by the 148 Genocide Convention.
For his part, member of the Golan Villages Development Institution Tayseer Mari said that Israel has sought to obliterate the Arab identity of Golan's people since the first day it occupied it and on this basis the struggle for preserving the national and cultural identity emerged.
In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them," Clinton said.
A primary method used to do so was to quarantine afflicted peoples and to obliterate Mexican spaces.
Confronted with this, I responded by controlling (co-opting, rewriting, correcting) their texts in order to obliterate the problem and alleviate my discomfort (or dis-ease).
Addressing students at an international business school in Shanghai, Mrs McAleese said: "Britain as a coloniser went to extraordinary lengths to obliterate Irish culture and language.
In other words, they couldn't be taken away, no matter how many other people wanted to abridge or obliterate them.
Poor sheet formation can obliterate watermark quality to the point at which visual assessment is questionable.
Khan has claimed Pakistan has a nuclear arsenal that could obliterate major Indian cities ''three times over,'' an Islamabad newspaper reported Friday.
it was just history repeating itself, because the history of this country is that if you don't do what "they" want, the answer is to obliterate you.