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Complete removal of an organ or other body part by disease or surgical excision.
Closure of a lumen.
Loss of memory or consciousness of specific events.



(1) In medicine, the complete closure of a hollow or tubular organ as a result of proliferation of tissue—usually connective tissue—from the organ’s walls. Obliteration usually results from an inflammation; more rarely, from the proliferation of a tumor. Obliteration can produce serious disorders, for example, endarteritis obliterans. Retention cysts, such as atheromas, can develop from the obliteration of certain ducts, including glandular ducts. Complete obliteration of the oviducts leads to sterility. Obliteration can also be a healthy sign or condition. For example, obliteration of the pleural cavity in pleurisy is an indication of healing, and obliteration of the vaginal process of the peritoneum occurs in the normal course of development.

(2) In botany, the normal flattening of cells and tissues. The intercellular and intracellular cavities of a plant can be filled because of obliteration. Examples of the disappearance of internal cavities because of obliteration can be found in the membranes of some fruits, in the tissues of a developing embryo, and in a plant stem that is growing thicker.

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Some reports have mentioned a 30% decline in hearing after CWDM with mastoid obliteration and reconstruction, while others showed significant improvement in hearing after the single-stage CWDM with reconstruction.
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A study17 compared sclerotherapy and band ligation and reached the conclusion that: (i) Endoscopic sclerotherapy and EVL were equally effective in controlling acute bleed; (ii) endoscopic ligation achieved variceal obliteration faster and in fewer treatment sessions; (iii) endoscopic variceal ligation had a significantly lower rate of development of portal gastropathy and re-bleeding, (iv) while both techniques influenced gastric varices equally, there was significantly higher oesophageal variceal recurrence after EVL than sclerotherapy.
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One patient had patency of distal biliary tree with proximal obliteration (Type B).
11% and 0% for coiled and clipped aneurysms, respectively), but incomplete aneurysm obliteration predicted rerupture.
After his obliteration by Prescott in September 2008, Khan teamed up with renowned American trainer Freddie Roach and bounced back with victories overMexican legend Marco Antonio Barrera and his title win against Kotelnik in the summer.
It's up to you to eliminate this weird and wonderful enemy onslaught, and ultimately save mankind from obliteration.
President Ahmadi-nejad says the United States is "doomed to destruction and obliteration.
Almost one in four of the earth's mammals are at risk of obliteration, according to study results recently released by the Swiss-based International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
How You Can Profit From Credit Cards: Using Credit to Improve Your Financial Life and Bottom Line" is a practical, effective, informative, and 'user friendly' guide to using the creator of debt to become the obliteration of debt and a boon for personal and professional financial success.