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It is common to dream about our relationships. You can interpret this dream by remembering the details and comparing them to the realities of your daily life. In your dream state you may be experiencing some wish-fulfillment or confronting things that you would normally ignore. Some say that relationships with strangers in your dream state represent the different sides of your personality.
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To protect loose teeth from injury during stabilization in a favorable occlusal relationship.
By evaluating the patient's occlusal relationships and esthetic expectations, indirect ceromer laminate veneers with a palatal overlap were planned because of the presence of an open bite.
The present study documents the nature of occlusal relationships comprising molar relation, canine relation, overjet, overbite, and spacing of the primary dentition and also assesses gender variations among 3-6-year-old Dravidian children.
One such factor is the occlusal relationship of the teeth.
Evaluation was done with respect to bone volume and density of the remaining zygomatic bone, intermaxillary relationship, occlusal relationship, and the condition of opposing dentition.
The entire treatment was completed in three weeks interval with no retention required as the corrected position of the involved tooth was self retained by the occlusal relationship with the teeth in opposite arch.
- Border tracing and new impressions are made under centric occlusion to maintain occlusal relationship.
The anterior occlusal relationship included an overjet of 2 mm and an overbite of 4 mm; the molar occlusal relationship was bilateral Angle Class I, and the arch length discrepancy was +2 mm for both the maxilla and mandible.
The new occlusal relationship that took four weeks of adaptation was transferred via face-bow to semi-adjustable articulator for use as a guide for the construction of the permanent restorations (Fig 8).
(8,9) Other dental anomalies associated with amelogenesis imperfecta include, multiple impacted teeth, congenitally missing teeth, open occlusal relationship, and taurodontism.
The method of reestablishing a proper occlusal relationship is discussed in this article using a conventional maxillary denture and fixed mandibular implant restoration to correct the occlusal issues.