occupancy permit

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certificate of occupancy

A document issued by governmental authority certifying that all or a designated portion of a building complies with the provisions of applicable statutes and regulations, and permitting occupancy for its designated use. Also called an occupancy permit or a certificate of use and occupancy permit.
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On its opening, the One Stop Shop will be in its testing phase and will only cater to location clearances and occupancy permits.
These equipment could not be used due to various defects, lack of space, absence of occupancy permits, lack of electric requirements, pending licenses and accreditation, and lack of trained personnel.
The hospital could not open without the occupancy permit.
Doing so proved to be a risk for them and their families as the units had no occupancy permit, a violation of building laws, said Dorcas T.
When he finally finished all the work, he had an occupancy permit within two hours.
Early last August, Defoe hosted a three-day Arabian horse show at the complex without obtaining a temporary occupancy permit.
Before the change, a business owner had to obtain a use and occupancy permit showing compliance with the building, fire, maintenance and zoning codes before moving into a building.
In 2005, Acusphere received an occupancy permit for this facility.
the sponsor will provide heat supplier under the lease agreement to lease spaces for placement combined heat and power plants to natural gas for 15 years from the date of commissioning combined heat and power plants to natural gas in permanent operation after issuing the occupancy permit for combined heat and electricity to natural gas.
He added that the company was only waiting for the occupancy permit to launch the new product.
Those who are qualified for the special incentive are fully paid owners and has filed a registration to the property administrator once occupancy permit has been secured," said Pe?
8 million building already has a permanent occupancy permit, he said.