occupancy permit

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certificate of occupancy

A document issued by governmental authority certifying that all or a designated portion of a building complies with the provisions of applicable statutes and regulations, and permitting occupancy for its designated use. Also called an occupancy permit or a certificate of use and occupancy permit.
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To speed up the process, DPS pulled three building inspectors from other areas of the state to supplement the work of the single building inspector on the job approving the recovery center and hospital for an occupancy permit, Ms.
Soon, the men may be looking for another occupancy permit, they said, to open up a retail store selling pellet stoves.
The school had stayed open with temporary occupancy permits until the final pieces of the project, including an elevator, were completed and inspected, Mr.
Early last August, Defoe hosted a three-day Arabian horse show at the complex without obtaining a temporary occupancy permit.
With the occupancy permit now obtained, ATG is authorized to commence equipment start-up, instrument calibration, system integration, commercial scale demonstration and other pre-operational procedures for its proprietary GASVIT(TM) thermal processing equipment.
The investigative team strongly suggest a thorough review of all active or pending building permits and temporary occupancy permits to determine if there are improprieties.
Mughmaw said when he requested the document, the town told him he could not operate his mill because of code violations and he cannot get additional funding to complete necessary work at the mill to obtain an occupancy permit without a clear 21E, he said.
Construction is continuing at the Catfish Town project and the Company received a 90 day Certificate of Occupancy Permit January 13, 1995 from the City of Baton Rouge and the Parish of East Baton Rouge.
Mughmaw is close to the final inspection for his occupancy permit.
Upon opening the Belle of Baton Rouge Casino, the Company was granted by the City of Baton Rouge and Parish of East Baton Rouge a temporary 90-day occupancy permit which expires on or about December 28, 1994.
Contract notice: Development of the project (the project documentation including building and executive) for the construction of sanitary sewage system with sewage pumping stations and terminals for the street baltic, rEzewski and hel in poznan with obtaining a valid occupancy permit for the construction and author~s supervision during the implementation phase of works carried out on the basis of documentation is the subject of the contract from the date of the contract with the contractor works to signing the final acceptance of the works.
Blanchard said he could issue an occupancy permit in a few days if Mr.