Occupational Hazard

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Occupational Hazard


a factor in the work process or industrial environment that adversely affects the health and performance of the worker and, under certain conditions, can lead to an occupational disease. Occupational hazards may cause the efficiency of the worker to decline. They may give rise to acute and chronic poisonings or diseases, increase general (nonoccupational) morbidity, and produce long-term negative effects on, for example, heredity and the development of neoplasms. Occupational hazards include constrained, uncomfortable working positions; neuropsychic, visual, and auditory stress; and heavy physical labor. Physical hazards include noise, vibration, ultrasound, electromagnetic fields, high or low atmospheric pressure, and ionizing, ultraviolet, infrared, or laser radiation. Chemical hazards include organic and inorganic compounds, and biological hazards include antibiotics, hormones, and the causative agents of infectious diseases. Other occupational hazards include dust, unfavorable weather conditions, poor lighting and ventilation, and the increased risk of traumatism.


See reference under occupational disease.


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The KMS will collect three important aspects of the occupational risk filed: the risk factor, the possible accident and/or disease induce by it and finally, the corrective and/or preventive measure that could be implement for avoiding the risk factor "activation".
Occupational risk levels of each municipality -for male, female and all workers are assessed.
On theoretical grounds, both occupational risks of fatal injury as well as industry fatal injury rates should be considered as potentially significant determinants of wage premiums.
Of course, SARS is not the only infection that presents an occupational risk to healthcare workers.
CDC is continuing efforts to further define the health status of and to identify additional archived serum from these three workers and to define further the prevalence and health implications of infection with SFV and other simian retroviruses among persons at occupational risk for infection.
Maine fishermen, by contrast, say their greatest occupational risk is wear and tear on the body from wrestling traps in sea-rolled cockpits.
However, in Sweden, the incidence of NHL has been higher in men than in women, indicating that occupational risk factors might be of some significance.
Tenders are invited for technical service on occupational risk prevention broken down into two lots: lot 1 - coordination of business activitieslot 2 review and annual certification of lifelines
Prospective studies to evaluate the precise occupational risk to medical staff in developing countries with a high incidence of TB disease are lacking.
The study will also shed light on the potential occupational risk to patrol troopers.

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