Occupational Hazard

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Occupational Hazard


a factor in the work process or industrial environment that adversely affects the health and performance of the worker and, under certain conditions, can lead to an occupational disease. Occupational hazards may cause the efficiency of the worker to decline. They may give rise to acute and chronic poisonings or diseases, increase general (nonoccupational) morbidity, and produce long-term negative effects on, for example, heredity and the development of neoplasms. Occupational hazards include constrained, uncomfortable working positions; neuropsychic, visual, and auditory stress; and heavy physical labor. Physical hazards include noise, vibration, ultrasound, electromagnetic fields, high or low atmospheric pressure, and ionizing, ultraviolet, infrared, or laser radiation. Chemical hazards include organic and inorganic compounds, and biological hazards include antibiotics, hormones, and the causative agents of infectious diseases. Other occupational hazards include dust, unfavorable weather conditions, poor lighting and ventilation, and the increased risk of traumatism.


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Based on these considerations and perspectives, the present paper will outline the detailed approach used to build the ontology and complementary knowledge map for the particular field of the occupational risk evaluation in the context of the research activities planed to be developed in the national project "Interdisciplinary research for the occupational risk evaluation platform development with impact upon the safety culture in organization" (ID 1022) financed by CNCSIS in Romania, in the context of the Ideas -- PN II program.
Exposure to rodents and rodent-borne viruses among persons with elevated occupational risk.
The Prime Minister said that reducing this indicator to its lowest levels requires more efforts which the National Programme for Occupational Risks Management is seeking to achieve.
In contrast, the death rate for other professions with occupational risk, such as police officer or firefighter, has been well defined.
To the specific point, Rousmaniere's article quoted John Ingram as regards, "China is gaining in a few years what America achieved in 100 years of managing occupational risk.
Technical assistance is basically required to perform all activities relating to the coordination of business activities regarding the prevention of occupational risks, the companies hired by the Port Authority of Algeciras Bay for the execution of works and works: with dealers and port users running works or perform activities, and all in accordance with the Plan of Coordination of Business Activities of the Port Authority of Algeciras Bay.
The occupational risks encountered by locksmiths on the job can be mitigated with professional training and education offered by associations such as ALOA.
In the past five years, the ILO, World Bank and National Geographic Society have concluded that there is no effective program for monitoring and reducing occupational risks for these workers.
The European Union Council Directive 89/391 directs all participating countries to introduce measures to improve worker safety and health and to provide a designated service that will protect workers, prevent occupational risks, including hazards from biological agents, and conduct health surveillance.
Although many people are aware of the occupational risks to mine workers (the industry has the highest fatal injury rate in the United States), the general public is less aware of indirect health effects posed to public health by mining.
The 12-person jury returned a unanimous verdict for Brush Wellman, finding that it was not negligent, that there was no defect in the company's product or warnings, and that it did not conceal or suppress information about the known occupational risks of working with beryllium.
Contract notice: Acquisition of right of use, implementation and maintenance of a management software of the single document relating to the assessment and prevention of occupational risks for the County Council of Val-de-Marne

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