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Jacques Cousteau transformed the Calypso, a former British Royal Navy minesweeper, into an oceanographic vessel which supported his pioneering expeditions.
China's seizure of an underwater glider deployed by a US oceanographic vessel off Zambales province on Thursday should not concern the Philippines, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said on Saturday.
Meantime, Australian ADV Ocean Shield equipped with a U.S.-supplied pinger-locater and British oceanographic vessel HMS Echo continued scouring beneath water along a single 240-km track.
Each of NASA's space shuttles was named for a famous oceanographic vessel: Challenger, Columbia, Endeavor, Discovery, and Atlantis, whose namesake was built by WHOI in 1930 to be the first U.S.
He purchased the Calypso, a former mine sweeper, and outfitted it as an oceanographic vessel. The ship's motto was "ll faut aller voir," or ':We must go and see for ourselves."
Located in Seward, the center sits on a seven-acre waterfront site adjacent to the school's Institute of Marine Science, Seward Marine Center, a marine laboratory and home port of Alaska's oceanographic vessel, Alpha Helix.
The Chinese team will be supported in their dive by a sophisticated oceanographic vessel and a group of 100 technicians, engineers and specialists.

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