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(ō`kər), mixture of varying proportions of iron oxide and clay, used as a pigmentpigment,
substance that imparts color to other materials. In paint, the pigment is a powdered substance which, when mixed in the liquid vehicle, imparts color to a painted surface.
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. It occurs naturally as yellow ocher (yellow or yellow-brown in color), the iron oxide being limonite, or as red ocher, the iron oxide being hematite. Ocher grades into sienna, a yellow-brown pigment containing a higher percentage of iron ore than ocher as well as some manganese dioxide; sienna grades into umber, which is darker brown and contains a higher percentage of manganese dioxide. Burnt sienna is brown or bright red; burnt umber is a darker brown than umber. Ocher is produced in the United States, in France (French ocher being of a very high grade), and in some other parts of Europe. Italy is a leading producer of sienna and umber, and Cyprus of umber.



a city and administrative center of Ocher Raion, Perm’ Oblast, RSFSR, located on the Ocher River, a tributary of the Kama. Terminus of a 23-km branch line originating at the Vereshchagino railroad station on the Kirov-Perm’ line. Population, 15,400 (1974). Ocher has a machine shop and a plant that produces pipelaying machines. It also has an industrial teachers technicum.


A yellow, brown, or red earthy iron oxide, or any similar earthy, pulverulent metallic oxides used as pigments.

ocher, ochre

A naturally occurring yellow-brown hydrated iron oxide; used as a pigment in paint and a filler in linoleum.


(US), ocher
a. a moderate yellow-orange to orange colour
b. (as adjective): an ochre dress
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Taking its visual tone from the burnished, ocherous paintings of Caravaggio, "Artemisia" sweeps the viewer into early 17th-century Rome, where 17-year-old Artemisia (Cervi), daughter of well-known artist Orazio Gentileschi (Michel Serrault), has been bitten by the painting bug.
Fairly near Cucurpe and up a semi-camouflaged canyon of beige cliffs, there is a cave with Native American petroglyphs and paintings of stick-figure hunters stalking ocherous beasts.
On Green Monster Mountain, however, hematite is found only as small patches of reddish ocherous soil containing quartz crystals, and as ocherous inclusions that give these quartz crystals a reddish color.
The yellow to ocherous brown material possessed a silky sheen.
What you find is gray limestone with a very few inclusions of silver ore, a brown ocherous rock type that contains some lead ore, and a liver-brown, soft, clayey schist which is very unlikely to be silver-bearing.