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a. not divisible by two
b. represented or indicated by a number that is not divisible by two
2. Maths (of a function) changing sign but not absolute value when the sign of the independent variable is changed, as in y=x3
3. Golf
a. one stroke more than the score of one's opponent
b. an advantage or handicap of one stroke added to or taken away from a player's score
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(1) (Optical Disc Drive or Optical Digital Disc) See optical disc.

(2) (Object Data Definition) A description of the data in an object. See object.
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References in classic literature ?
But every now and then what she was saying seemed to her oddly empty of meaning.
For this engagement the star's ability and appeal were subsumed by craftless dancemaking, an oddly unsuccessful mix of choreography by Hoyos and another flamenco legend, Manolo Marin.
When the Hubble Space Telescope peered into the center of an oddly shaped galaxy called Arp 220, it imaged six densely packed clusters of stars -- the largest star-packed regions ever observed by a telescope.
Thus Lymph Nodes (all works 2001) is an enlarged, beautifully colored "vision" of those oddly elegant masses.
The body is as vertical as geometry from the ankles up the face blandly basks in a childlike willingness to obey, and the arms are held near the body, oddly deprived of motive and the power inherent in motion.
Although much of the new research has focused on buckeyballs, scientists at the Boston meeting also shared observations of more oddly shaped [C.sub.70] and [C.sub.84] fullerenes.
When, in the 1980s, the Royal Academy instigated a series of country-by-country twentieth-century surveys, France, oddly enough, didn't get a look in.
I was living in my native London at the time, and although I had heard rumors -- Kirstein had briefed me earlier -- the first confirmation I had was a wildly excited telephone call from Lincoln himself, with a request that I publicize it instantly in The Times of London, of which I was then dance critic; he expected a great deal of opposition on his side of the Atlantic, and he wanted all the reputable support he could muster -- an oddly intermittent Anglosnob, Kirstein took The Times seriously.
Oddly enough, the marsh frog may owe its good fortune to human tampering with the environment -- namely, road construction and excavation.
Their works are informed by a naive belief in the new that was far more fashionable than Freundlich's intimidating primitivism and oddly anguished abstraction, which convey his sense of the bizarre nature, not to say absurdity, of the New Man.
There's no doubt that Isadora Duncan was and is an enormously influential dance artist, yet even today, when her free-thinking mores are no longer shocking, her reputation remains oddly suspended between genius and libertine.
Oddly, the syndrome results only when that deletion occurs in the chromosome 15 contributed by the father; the maternally contributed chromosome 15 in these patients is normal.