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"And she listens to it, and she loves me for my oddness, my awkwardness, all of those things that I hate about myself," he said.
As for me, well I've finally found someone amazing who seems to accept my weirdness in all its weird oddness. Which can only be a good thing.
The extra magnification of my 15x45s makes it clear that the "oddness" results from a 9.3-magnitude foreground star embedded in the galaxy's elongated glow, giving M63 the appearance of having a double nucleus.
The curved rear window, a front wheelbase that was wider than the rear and the glorious oddness of it all made me lament when Citroen brought out the utterly conventional, although completely competent, Saxo.
He has the quirkiness and oddness that a Doctor should possess.
Now my driver may have been over egging the lamb mughlai but he makes a serious point, albeit not the point I am trying to make here which is the oddness of having a conversation with a stranger about the state Birmingham's dining scene and its citizens' eating habits.
Only Robert Battle's Unfold (2005) could somewhat dim the man's luster, and he was more than matched in searing oddness by Linda Celeste Sims.
"Some people are attracted by the oddness and the strangeness of it all, while others like myself are interested in folk dance and music, plus, of course, we invariably perform outside pubs and as most of us like a good quality beer we pop in there for a pint to cool down afterwards."
For anyone who loves a good road-trip story or who has marveled at the wonderful oddness of marsupials, this is the book you didn't know you were waiting for." Emi ly Carter Roiphe
Even to say this points to the oddness of our faith.
If the reader can suspend disbelief, accept the magic and enjoy the oddness of the likeable cast of characters, including the neighbor boy Chet's basic good-heartedness, this is a good story about finding self and the essential sweetness of life among the dross that surrounds it.
Part of this care is to let her subjects in all their particularity, perversity, and sheer oddness shine forth.