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a building intended primarily for performances by singers.

The first odeum, designed by Ictinus, was built by Pericles at the Acropolis in Athens in 440 B.C. Usually round, odeums were frequently enclosed within a square, roofed building. In Rome an open type of odeum was common.


Broneer, O. The Odeum. [Cambridge, Mass.] 1932.

odeum, odeon

odeum, Athens
A small ancient Greek or Roman theater, usually roofed, for musical performances.
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The decrease in consolidated net loans was principally driven by Odea Bank within an increase in loans at Bank Audi Lebanon and Bank Audi [Egypt] by $687 million and $26 million respectively," Audi said.
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Summary: Moody's Investors Service has assigned Ee"Ba3Ee" long-term deposit ratings, "not Prime" short-term deposit ratings and a Ee"ba3Ee" standalone baseline credit assessment (BCA) and adjusted BCA to Odea Bank A.
Moody's Investors Service has assigned Ba3 long-term deposit ratings, Not Prime short-term deposit ratings and a ba3 standalone baseline credit assessment (BCA) and adjusted BCA to Odea Bank A.
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This growth stems primarily from Odea Bank and the Private Banking entities, while Lebanese entities sustained the same net profits as in the corresponding period of last year," the statement added.