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a building intended primarily for performances by singers.

The first odeum, designed by Ictinus, was built by Pericles at the Acropolis in Athens in 440 B.C. Usually round, odeums were frequently enclosed within a square, roofed building. In Rome an open type of odeum was common.


Broneer, O. The Odeum. [Cambridge, Mass.] 1932.

odeum, odeon

odeum, Athens
A small ancient Greek or Roman theater, usually roofed, for musical performances.
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As with the company's other products, the Odea Giro Orange was designed by BMW DesignworksUSA, a unit of the Germany-based auto maker.
Saeco expects the Odea Giro Orange to appeal to a younger demographic that both enjoys making coffee at home and is fashion forward and in tune with current trends in home design.
With the expected acceptance of the Odea Giro Orange, we will expand our color assortment based on consumer testing and trends to possibly include other color options," said John McCann, president of Saeco USA.
The Talea and Odea lines also incorporate stylish and simplified user interface systems; the Talea Touch has a large black and white touch screen, while the Talea Ring Plus boasts an LCD display and click wheel.
The new Saeco Primea, Talea and Odea espresso machines will be available this fall at retail outlets nationwide.
Baz attributed the success of Odea Bank to the great quality of people hired in their branches in Turkey.
Baz added that the success of Odea Bank was also a result of the wide range of products and services offered by the bank, which fully covered the Turkish market needs.
Finansbank Levent Branch Manager Hulya Kucuk has been transferred to head the bank's new Odea Bank branch.
Lebanon s largest bank Bank Audi was not permitted for opening a branch under the Bank Audi label, as it conflicts with the name of the German automaker, hence the bank selected for using the Odea Bank name.
According to the statement of the bank, the subscription price per common share was $6, and eligible subscribers were allocated three warrants per common share subscribed entitling to purchase one common share of the bank's Turkish subsidiary, Odea Bank, for each warrant.
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