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a building intended primarily for performances by singers.

The first odeum, designed by Ictinus, was built by Pericles at the Acropolis in Athens in 440 B.C. Usually round, odeums were frequently enclosed within a square, roofed building. In Rome an open type of odeum was common.


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odeum, odeon

odeum, Athens
A small ancient Greek or Roman theater, usually roofed, for musical performances.
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August 21-23--Machinery and Services Xpo (MSX), Odeum Sports and Expo Center, Villa Park, IL.
9-10 at the Odeum Sports & Expo Center in Villa Park, Ill.
The 30 theatres are at various stages of "construction" but when finished, they will include the Odeum of Pericles in ancient Athens; the massive Theatre of Pompey in Rome, whose stage alone was 300ft wide; carts used in Coventry's medieval mystery plays ; Cornish rounds and of course "the great Globe itself."
Written in Doric Greek on stone blocks, the fifth century BC inspiration was preserved in a wall of the Roman Odeum (theatre).
28, at the Odeum Expo Center, 1033 North Ave., Villa Park.
*The location of the camp will take place at The Odeum located in Villa Park IL one of the largest indoor soccer facility made for an amazing and large event like this.
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Bula went on to sweep through the rest of his season undefeated, ending with a six-length defeat of Odeum in the second leg of the Gloucestershire Hurdle at Cheltenham.
All projects from the regional fair are on display today in WPI's Odeum Hall beginning at 3 p.m.
The event, held in the WPI Odeum, was for past and future campers at the university's summer "Camp Reach" for seventh-grade girls, which focuses on math and science.
The sights and scenes stuck with Antonellis and other members of WPI Habitat for Humanity, and last week the group, with great support from members of the field hockey team, held an event at the campus center Odeum called "Building Dreams in New Orleans," a dinner and fundraiser to benefit the Lower Ninth Ward Village.