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Endoscopic examination of the interior of the esophagus.
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examination of the inner surface of the esophagus with a special instrument, esophagoscope, which is equipped with an optical system. The esophagoscope is introduced through the mouth under local or general anesthesia. Esophagoscopy is used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. It is helpful in detecting tumors and other diseases of the esophagus, as well as the cicatricial narrowing of the esophageal lumen. Esophagoscopy is also used in taking a biopsy, performing bougienage, and locating and removing a foreign body. The once widely used rigid steel esophagoscopes were replaced in the 1970’s by flexible and less traumatic fiberscopes.

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INTRODUCTION: One of the most common ENT emergencies is foreign body ingestion and they are usually removed using rigid oesophagoscope under GA, but certain foreign bodies which are spherical are difficult to grasp and to remove.
A laparoscopic tooth forceps was introduced with its closed prongs through the oesophagoscope and on reaching the marble the prongs were opened and the foreign body was grasped and the laparoscopic forceps along with the oesopagoscope were pulled out and foreign body was removed.