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The YES assay is used as a biomarker of oestrogenicity, it is an extremely efficient and reproducible method used for the detection of oestrogenic compounds.
High levels of intake of plant sterols may produce an oestrogenic effect, with a significant decrease in testicular weight and sperm concentrations after beta-sitosterol treatment.
Soya foods are a rich source of isoflavones, a major group of phytoestrogens, which act like oestrogen in the body but with a milder oestrogenic effect.
Assessment of oestrogenic potency of chemicals used as growth promoter by in-vitro methods.
Specific ingredients from plants have long been recognised for health-giving properties, other than healing ailments, and these have traditionally included components such as insoluble fibres, oestrogenic compounds and antioxidant vitamins.
Head of chemicals policy Steve Killeen said: "While we do not know what impact oestrogenic substances might have on the long-term viability of some wild fish populations, we believe there is now sufficient evidence of harm to fish to develop a risk management strategy for oestrogens in sewage effluent.
The researchers found that oestrogenic compounds altered the signals between legumes and the nitrogen-fixing bacteria in their roots and slowed down the process of nitrogen fixing by up to 90 percent.
It has a double effect on the sex hormones, being both oestrogenic and anti-androgen, creating a powerful male hormone inhibitor.
The symbolic resonances go further: in addition to pesticides, the two groups of chemicals that have so far been found to be oestrogenic are PCBs and certain cleaning agents, including those used in sewage treatment plants, as well as in many personal hygiene products.
The effects of the chemicals on humans is oestrogenic, putting them to the same environmental risks as wildlife.
16) SERMs can have both an agonistic and antagonistic effect depending on the specific receptor involved; for example Raloxifene[R] (Eli Lilly and Company) inhibits oestrogenic activity in the uterus (16) while SPRMs are used to inhibit excessive proliferation activity and decrease oestrogen responsiveness.