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(computer science)
Describing equipment not connected to a computer, or temporarily disconnected from one.
A condition existing when the drive rod of the drill swivel head is not centered and parallel with the borehole being drilled.
A borehole that has deviated from its intended course.
A condition existing wherein any linear excavation (shaft, drift, borehole) deviates from a previously determined or intended survey line or course.
(industrial engineering)
State in which an equipment or subsystem is in standby, maintenance, or mode of operation other than on-line.


(Or "offline")

1. Not directly connected to the computer (e.g., an off-line tape drive), or with connection suspended ("take the printer off-line").

Contrast background, on-line.

2. Not now or not here. "Let's take this discussion off-line." Specifically used on Usenet to suggest that a discussion be moved off a public newsgroup to e-mail.

See also off-line world.
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Now they are not yet suitable for implementation into off-line program for welding cable bundle collision states simulation in framework of the complex welding workplace virtual model.
15) Correlations between on- and off-line measurements (as determined by linear regression analysis) and 95% confidence intervals were depicted in graph form; multiple correlation coefficient ([R.
Scenarist Off-Line is used in conjunction with a full version of Scenarist NT, either locally or via a service bureau.
Although a few suppliers of beam robots supply simulation software to assist in off-line programming of work cells, simulation is more widely available from makers of 6-axis articulated-arm robots.
Napster's counsel told the judge the company felt it could block more than 99 percent of all infringing song files, but the judge shot back, telling Napster it needed to block 100 percent of unauthorized copyright songs or stay off-line indefinitely.
By integrating customer information gained from both on-line and off-line sources, DataInsight adds power and depth to new economy marketing campaigns.
com) has been a dominant player in the off-line dating business since 1974 and has a total of 59 physical office locations across the United States, including 24 corporate owned and 35 franchise locations.
Under the agreement, Six Flags will promote America Online across its off-line marketing channels, will incorporate AOL sponsorship of certain rides and attractions and will promote the America Online keyword, ``Six Flags,'' in its television advertising.
Dassault Systemes (DS) (NASDAQ:DASTY)(BOURSE:DSY)(EURONEXT:13065), a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, today announced that Perceptron, a Plymouth, Michigan company that produces information-based process improvement solutions for non-contact measurement and inspection applications, has selected DELMIA UltraGRIP robotic solution for programming and simulation of its in-process or off-line, non-contact, vision-based measurement and inspection systems.
Like a RAID controller, if one of the mirrored partners goes off-line or experiences a failure, the iSCSI switch will automatically remove the failed partner from operation but will continue to service the application I/O requests with the remaining two mirrored partners (see Figure 1).
The brochure goes on to describe precise laser triangulation methods used that make the LSH 2401 ideal for numerous on- or off-line applications in the rubber and associated industries, including profiling green rubber, sidewall bulge and dent, splice width and radial run-out.
It addresses FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) such as: ``Dear America Off-Line, You know those text files (or `books') in the Library of Congress?