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(computer science)
Describing equipment not connected to a computer, or temporarily disconnected from one.
A condition existing when the drive rod of the drill swivel head is not centered and parallel with the borehole being drilled.
A borehole that has deviated from its intended course.
A condition existing wherein any linear excavation (shaft, drift, borehole) deviates from a previously determined or intended survey line or course.
(industrial engineering)
State in which an equipment or subsystem is in standby, maintenance, or mode of operation other than on-line.


(Or "offline")

1. Not directly connected to the computer (e.g., an off-line tape drive), or with connection suspended ("take the printer off-line").

Contrast background, on-line.

2. Not now or not here. "Let's take this discussion off-line." Specifically used on Usenet to suggest that a discussion be moved off a public newsgroup to e-mail.

See also off-line world.
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Off-line programming enables to describe the task complexly, to make an experiment with structure of workplace, to eliminate a collision states and to verify a created program in 3D form.
That common sense must take into account the hybrid online and off-line customers, who tend to have very high expectations.
Off-line processing provides instantaneous response times, and the bank's management no longer has to wait around for queries to be answered and reports to be generated.
17) Several articles have been written about online NO measurement techniques, (3,15,16,18-21) but published data on off-line methods are limited.
Our expanded service support with Browse-it further illustrates our goal of enabling all users to access any Web content on- or off-line from their mobile devices," said Brad Rowe, Pumatech president, CEO and co-founder.
The Scenarist Classroom Edition provides educational institutions with five licenses of Scenarist Off-Line plus a full version of Scenarist NT Advanced or Professional for $19,995 and $24,995, respectively.
Electronic records that have been set aside for long-term storage are no longer required for operational purposes so they fall into the off-line storage environment.
Off-line readers retrieve and filter preselected, customized information without the user having to muddle through the Internet's World Wide Web to find it.
Based on these studies and the new images, Weaver suggests that the off-line chunks were created more recently and by a force other than Jupiter's gravity.
Some inhabitants, however, argue vehemently for the continuity of structures defined in the off-line world, particularly ciphers of gender.
The speed and the volume of data in both on- and off-line forms of retrieval captivated this onlooker.