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1. Contract law a proposal made by one person that will create a binding contract if accepted unconditionally by the person to whom it is made
2. on offer for sale at a reduced price



a proposal to conclude a civil law contract that contains all the essential conditions of the contract. The offer may be made to a specific person or to an indefinite number of people, for example, a public offer placing an item with a marked price in a store window. The offer may be in oral or written form and may or may not specify a time limit for the answer (acceptance).

Under Soviet law, a contract based on an oral offer without a time limit for the answer is considered concluded if the other party immediately (including by telephone) accepts the offer. If such an offer is made in written form, the contract is considered concluded when the answer accepting the offer is received during the time normally necessary for acceptance. Under the law, an acceptance on conditions different from those offered is considered both a rejection of the offer and a new offer (for example, the Civil Code of the RSFSR, art. 165). Disagreements that arise during the conclusion of contracts among state, cooperative (with the exception of kolkhozes and interkolkhoz organizations), and other public organizations are normally resolved by arbitration agencies.

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The result of Step 3 was a visual tool that displayed the strengths and weaknesses of each Offeror, by evaluation factor, arranged in the order of importance as determined by the SSAC members and how they stacked up to the other Offerors.
Since then, the Tender Offeror and the Target held discussions aiming to enter into the definitive merger agreement in early April 2007.
The purpose of a debriefing is two-fold: to inform the offeror of its significant weaknesses and deficiencies, and to provide essential information in a post-award debriefing on the rationale for the source selection decision.
The certificate also contains a warning that false statements may subject the offeror to penalties.
Despite arguments suggesting that poison pill rights to purchase stock in either the target or the hostile tender offeror constitute other property and violate the solely-for-voting-stock requirement, there are strong arguments that these rights should not be considered property.
Details of the offeree and offeror companies in respect of whose relevant securities Opening Position Disclosures and Dealing Disclosures must be made can be found in the Disclosure Table on the Takeover Panel's website at www.
The Tender Offeror started as an optical glass manufacturer, and has been expanding its businesses by leveraging optical materials and precision processing technologies.
Past performance answers the question, "Historically, how has the offeror lived up to past commitments?
Parent"), an affiliate of Apollo and the indirect parent of Offeror and Merger Sub, and Offeror, together with the Sillerman Shares held in a voting trust in accordance with, or otherwise subject to voting arrangements consistent with, the support agreement entered into by the Sillerman Stockholders, immediately prior to the exercise of the Top-Up Option, including all Common Shares validly tendered and not properly withdrawn in the offer, constitutes one Common Share more than 90% of the total number of Common Shares that would be outstanding on a fully diluted basis immediately after the issuance of Common Shares pursuant to the Top-Up Option.
contents of the proposal submitted by the successful Offeror may become part of
Satisfactory/Confidence -- Based on the offeror's performance record, some doubt exists that the offeror will successfully perform the required effort.