office divider

partial-height partition

In an open-plan office, a free-standing partition which provides visual privacy and some (but usually little) sound attenuation between adjacent offices.
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Since she started JunkNot's furniture line, Garcia has furnished an entire office in Alabang with pieces made from plastic ropes such as office dividers, desks and chairs.
The firm, which supplies fabrics for uses including office seating, office dividers and seats in cinemas and theatres, has also tabled plans to extend its Woodland Mill premises on to a neighbouring site.
The technology was kind of last century, some of the office chairs a bit grungy and apparently no one wants used office dividers, but the leftovers of a former business became the main dish for several local agencies on Tuesday.
But what neither one of them could reuse was a couple of stacks of office dividers, those fabric- covered steel frames that form the walls of office cubicles.
Prairie dogging: When heads pop up over the top of office dividers to see what is going on.
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