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document scanner

An optical scanner geared to office documents rather than photographs. Also called "office scanners," "enterprise scanners" and "business scanners," desktop models have automatic document feeders that can scan in the range of approximately 15 to 100 pages per minute. Such units are rated in pages per minute (ppm) or impressions per minute (ipm) if both sides of the page are scanned simultaneously. "Personal document scanners" are low-speed, portable models that accept one sheet of paper at a time.

Images or Text
The output of document scanners may remain as images within a document management system, but many applications require that the characters on the pages be converted into ASCII text for manipulation in word processing and other programs. Most document scanners come bundled with optical character recognition (OCR) software for the computer that provides the conversion from visual character images to ASCII text. See scanner, ASCII and OCR.

Enterprise Scanner
Designed for transcribing volumes of paper documents to computer text, enterprise scanners have high-capacity document feeders.

Portable Scanner
Personal document scanners are very portable, but work with one sheet of paper at a time and are not designed for high speed.
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Tip -- When buying a home office scanner that is efficient and enhances your productivity, look a feature rich scanner that is easy to setup and scan quickly as soon as it powers on.
A decent office scanner has beaten X-ray blasts from multimillion-dollar synchrotron setups in revealing how air bubbles kill plant leaves during drought.
But when it comes to contracts, such as leases, the ESRA requirement of encrypted Digital Signature Standards (DSA) obviates the problems posed by, for example, signatures produced by the average office scanner.
New records are created without using paper, and records generated outside the system are easily introduced using an inexpensive office scanner. By using the Adobe format, files can be easily stored, viewed, printed or e-mailed without the need for proprietary software.
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We were probably the first company to recognize that the office scanner was going to be the copier.
Tenders are invited for Provide dr-m140 office scanner.
Tenders are invited for Kodak I 2900 Scenner Or Similar A Heavy Duty Office Scanner Adf And Flat Bed Speed Adff 40 Ppm Minimum Dpi 200 Black And White Or Colour Minimum
Based on ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK, the FlexiCapture client allows users to leverage its image processing technologies to produce sharp, high-contrast images in color and black-and-white versions as if they were captured using an office scanner. It automatically switches into multi-page photo mode if a photographed document contains more than one page and crops unnecessary background areas to reduce the file size and traffic to ABBYY FlexiCapture server.
"Our market leading imaging platforms, PaperStream for professional solutions and ScanSnap Manager for personal productivity coupled with our ability to enable users to scan everything and scan everywhere provide scanning solutions for all business needs, including a full range of office scanners and compact models that enhance the efficiency of the mobile workforce."
Incoming checks are scanned with standard office scanners and the images are passed to Infiniworx, which extracts data from checks, including routing and account numbers (MICR data), check number and check amount using CAR/LAR recognition (Courtesy Amount/Legal Amount Recognition).

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