offset press

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offset press

[′ȯf‚set ‚pres]
(graphic arts)
A printing press for offset lithography printing.

offset press

A printer that uses an intermediate rubber-coated cylinder known as a "blanket" to transfer the image onto the paper. Instead of transferring the image from a metallic drum onto paper as is done with most digital printers, the image is "offset" onto the blanket and then to paper. The blanket creates a smoother image on most types of paper and can print on rough or heavy stock as well as other media. Most offset presses use this lithographic method.

Sheet Fed and Web Fed
Sheet-fed offset printers use cut sheets of paper, whereas web-fed printers use rolls of paper that are cut and trimmed after printing. The web-based offset method is typically used for high-speed, high-volume applications such as printing newspapers and magazines.

Right Reading to Wrong Reading
Since offset presses use the intermediate blanket as the transfer mechanism, the original negative image on the drum is right-reading. It becomes wrong-reading on the blanket and then back to the original on the paper.

Combination Offset and Laser
Indigo USA, Woburn, MA (, which was acquired by HP in 2002, combines laser printing and offset printing. It makes a "digital offset color press," which is an electrophotographic printer that offsets to a blanket instead of imaging directly from the drum. It also uses a special liquid toner instead of dry toner, enabling it to print on polyester, PVC, films and other media as well as coated and uncoated paper. See lithography, digital printing, right-reading and DI press.

Offset and Digital, Too
HP Indigo's "digital offset color presses" are digital printers that use a blanket to image the pages instead of directly from the drum. Combined with its Electroink dry toner, Indigo printers can print on a wide variety of substrates. (Image courtesy of Hewlett-Packard Company.)
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The main focus, however, has been on saving tooling costs, time, and waste, aiming this new offset press at short as well as long runs.
VANCOUVER, April 10 /CNW-PRN/ - CreoScitex is pleased to announce that SQUAREspot(TM) thermal imaging technology has been incorporated into a 8-page digital offset press (DOP) produced by the Komori Corporation, one of the world's leading press manufacturers.
Xerox digital printing templates are easily added alongside offset press templates during the set-up of a new job, letting the Prinect user choose between offset presses and Xerox digital presses for production without having to repeat the job set-up process.
The Clinton plant will install a second eight-color, web-fed offset press, cutter and gluing line system, following the successful installation of their first web-fed offset press earlier this year.
Though much of Copy King's work previously was done on an offset press, the shop is shifting most of its volume to electronic publishing.
MIAMI -- The business and productivity advantages of Ryobi's high technology mid-size offset press will be demonstrated this week in Miami by one of Florida's largest graphics dealers and xpedx Printing Technologies.
Customer newsletters previously produced on an offset press are now done for less than half the cost.
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All American Label has installed a Codimag Viva 420 intermittent waterless offset press with hybrid flexographic components at its facility in Dublin, CA, USA.
MHI) based in Mihara City in Hiroshima Prefecture, has received an order for the "DIAMONDSPACE" newspaper offset press from Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun Co.