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(in folklore) a giant, usually given to eating human flesh
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a city; center of Ogre Raion, Latvian SSR. Situated on the Daugava (Zapadnaia Dvina) River at the point where the Ogre River empties into it. Railroad station on the Riga-Moscow line, 37 km southeast of Riga. Population, 20,700 (1973). Ogre has a knitwear combine, a plastics plant, and a cardboard factory.


Saks, G. Gorod Ogre i ego okrestnosti. Riga, 1957.



a river in the Latvian SSR, a right tributary of the Daugava (Zapadnaia Dvina) River. It is 176 km long and drains an area of 1,700 sq km. It originates in the Vidzeme Upland and flows through the Central Latvian Lowland. The river is fed by mixed sources. The mean flow rate 20 km from the river’s mouth is 17.7 cu m per sec. The Ogre freezes over in December and thaws at the end of March or early April.

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What does it mean when you dream about an ogre?

An ogre in a dream may symbolize authority issues related to discipline in one’s business or personal life. Alternatively, this symbol may represent being an “ogre” to oneself through constant self-criticism. (See also Monster).

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Abel, fascinated with Alpha, which he perceives as the exact opposite and yet perfect complement to his ogreish obsession with digestion and excretion, will search throughout the novel for the qualities he believes it to embody.
Smith ably manages to offset Jim's ogreish behavior with a hapless pathos--as does McKinney, in a more caricatured role.
Like the lurid stories in the boys' comics he sold in the shop: grim-jawed fighter-pilots and ogreish Germans.
Films such as Robert Altman's The Player and George Huang's Swimming With Sharks and real-life exposes of the drug-crazed antics of Don Simpson and the ogreish office politics of Scott Rudin (not to mention Julia Phillips' bridge-burning autobiography, You'll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again) have posited the film producer as a modern-day Mephistopheles.
8DA YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Wear off 9 Up-end 10 A-list 11 Ogreish 12 Eau 13 Resonant 16 Versions 17 Zip 19 Earplug 21 Burns 22 Gamut 23 Recital DOWN: 1 Sweater 2 Manicure 3 Font 4 Currents 5 Yeti 6 Idaho 8 Footslogger 13 Resolute 14 Nazareth 15 Epistle 18 Reign 20 Ramp 21 Buck QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 In the saddle 8 Ace 9 Out 11 Perfume 12 Adore 13 Add 14 Top 15 Satchel 17 Tom 19 Owed 21 User 23 Oboe 25 Wimp 27 Two 29 Abdomen 31 Shy 34 Old 36 Tiara 37 Matinee 38 Err 39 Car 40 Encountered DOWN: 1 Iced 2 Nerd 3 Haulage 4 Speech 5 Drake 6 Loot 7 Euro 8 Apart 10 Tepid 16 Loo 18 Mum 20 Wet 22 Spa 24 Breathe 25 Waste 26 Common 28 Order 30 Bravo 32 Hire 33 Yarn 34 Once 35 Lead
Much of Part 1 deals with Nicholas and Kate's parallel adventures in these places, populated by Dickensian grotesques like the ogreish Wackford Squeers and the bizarre Mantalinis.
When it was first staged at the National Theatre 20 years ago, Howard Brenton and David Hare's satire about an ogreish right-wing foreign entrepeneur riding roughshod over the British press was all too topical.