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(in folklore) a giant, usually given to eating human flesh



a city; center of Ogre Raion, Latvian SSR. Situated on the Daugava (Zapadnaia Dvina) River at the point where the Ogre River empties into it. Railroad station on the Riga-Moscow line, 37 km southeast of Riga. Population, 20,700 (1973). Ogre has a knitwear combine, a plastics plant, and a cardboard factory.


Saks, G. Gorod Ogre i ego okrestnosti. Riga, 1957.



a river in the Latvian SSR, a right tributary of the Daugava (Zapadnaia Dvina) River. It is 176 km long and drains an area of 1,700 sq km. It originates in the Vidzeme Upland and flows through the Central Latvian Lowland. The river is fed by mixed sources. The mean flow rate 20 km from the river’s mouth is 17.7 cu m per sec. The Ogre freezes over in December and thaws at the end of March or early April.

What does it mean when you dream about an ogre?

An ogre in a dream may symbolize authority issues related to discipline in one’s business or personal life. Alternatively, this symbol may represent being an “ogre” to oneself through constant self-criticism. (See also Monster).

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Genies, ogres and witches, evil and good, with their assorted magical powers, populate the world of ahaji.
Shrek and Fiona's wedding ring looks suspiciously like a trinket from JRR Tolkien's jewellers, the two lovesick ogres enjoy an upside down honeymoon kiss recalling Spider-Man, and Puss explodes from Shrek's jumper like something from a scene from Alien.
With Mike Myers back voicing the loveable lump Shrek, and Eddie Murphy as the hyperactive Donkey, this time the happily-wed ogres have to return to Fiona's home kingdom of Far Far Away, where her royal parents (Julie Andrews and John Cleese) are none too pleased with her new look - or her maverick choice of husband.
Girvan rightly emphasized that the poet is here depicting a hilt, not a complete sword; the blade of the sword that Beowulf snatched up in the ogres' lair dissolved when he had used it to behead the ogress, corroded by her venomous blood, and he could bring only the hilt back to Hrothgar.
In this sense, career narrative is always in a constant state of pr ogress.
The only special effect in all this is Richardson's finely calibrated performance, a balancing act, as she explaines, that often involved invoking the ogress when she was in character as the saint.
In the Senate, however, several competing bills have stalled p ogress on an aid package.
12) In La Memoire tatouee, the idea of popular resistance to the French policy of zoning is first introduced, though on symbolic plane, in the legendary figure of Aisha Kendisha, who is at once a seductive woman and a destructive ogress.
David Sinclair said at the World Psychiatric Association International Co ogress 2601.
His mother, "an ogress," was a trained nurse who specialized in isolating her dying patients and extracting large bequests from them.