oil filter

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oil filter

[′ȯil ‚fil·tər]
Cartridge-type filter used in automotive oil-lubrication systems to remove metal particles and products of heat decomposition from the circulating oil.
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Oil Filter


a device for removing mechanical particles, resins, and other impurities from oil. Oil filters are installed in the lubrication systems of internal-combustion engines and metalcutting machine tools.

There are several types of oil filters, such as edge-plate filters with a replaceable paper cartridge, and centrifugal filters. Centrifugal oil filters are most widely used in engine lubrication systems. In this type of filter, the contaminated oil is delivered under pressure to the rotor cavity of the filter, fed through the filter strainer to the jets, and discharged from the jets with great velocity. The discharging flow of oil creates a reactive thrust, which forces the rotor to turn. The rotation frequency of the rotor reaches 5,000-6,000 rpm under an oil pressure of 0.25-0.30 meganewtons per sq m (2.5-3.0 kilograms-force per sq cm). The solid particles in the oil are thrown to the periphery by centrifugal force and settle on the walls of the rotor. The clean oil flows to an oil header, such as the crankcase of an engine.

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oil filter

oil filter
A device in the lubrication system for removing contaminants from engine oil.
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Luber-finer TRT oil filters provide a controlled release of a specially formulated, highly concentrated liquid additive into the oil supply, helping the oil maintain its quality longer.
Genuine oil filters ensure that dirt and wear is effectively controlled protecting the compressor's internal components.
When engine oil is changed, oil filters for purifying oil circulating through an engine are often replaced.
4 When the engine is warmed up remove the oil filter and turn upside down to drain.
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Installed new oil filter. Filter (p/n AA481102) turned out to be faulty and caused the engine to pump out all of its oil.
Chevrolet, a subsidiary of General Motors Corporation (NYSE: GM), is equipping its 2011 Cruze with a new cartridge style oil filter.
No matter how hard it may be to replace a faulty fuel injector buried under five other engine parts or diagnose a "check engine" light, oil changes remain remarkably simple: drain the old oil; replace the oil filter; refill the engine with fresh oil.