oil furnace

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oil furnace

[′ȯil ‚fər·nəs]
(mechanical engineering)
A combustion chamber in which oil is the heat-producing fuel.
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Oil furnace

A combustion chamber in which oil is the heat-producing fuel. Fuel oils, having from 18,000 to 20,000 Btu/lb (42–47 megajoules/kg), which is equivalent to 140,000 to 155,000 Btu/gal (39–43 megajoules/liter), are supplied commercially. The lower flash-point grades are used primarily in domestic and other furnaces without preheating. Grades having higher flash points are fired in burners equipped with preheaters.

Domestic oil furnaces with automatic thermostat control usually operate intermittently, being either off or operating at maximum capacity.

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oil furnace

A furnace that is fired by oil.
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By working with a trusted professional, property owners can ensure their oil furnaces reach peak performance capacity as well as meet the latest safety standards set in place by the Technical Safety and Standards Authority (TSSA).
Today, fewer than 8,000 homes in Lane, Douglas and Coos counties are heated by oil furnaces, Huber said.
Most Energy Star oil furnaces boast efficiencies in the 83 percent to 86 percent range, with condensing oil furnaces at about 95 percent.
Yes, older oil furnaces can have a much lower efficiency than today's natural gas furnaces or even today's new oil furnaces.
And the Sears people, already in business by that time, and well aware that a husband's chance of winning one of these domestic tiffs ranges from zip to zero, had an oil furnace already loaded by the time my dear (make that costly) wife called.
It's the reason many local property owners are now choosing oil furnace service options through Mannion Petroleum.
And, not just any chimney, a big, hulking masonry chimney connected to a big oil furnace. Lots and lots of air was sucked out of houses with these chimneys.
"Any heating oil furnace can use a B20 biodiesel blend without modification," the company's Web site says.
* Natural gas, propane or oil furnace or hot water boilers (limited to $150); and
So you might be able to replace that old oil furnace with a high efficiency unit, replace the old water heater (go solar!), add insulation, draft-proof your home, and seal your ductwork--all before you even move into your home.
The maintenance tasks involving the blower chamber also apply to oil furnaces; however, oil furnace combustion chambers are very different and should only be worked on by professionals.
The Michi's soon discovered their new home hadn't been lived in for years and had an oil furnace that was installed in 1954.