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(i-mer -shŏn) Entry of a celestial body into a state of invisibility during an eclipse or occultation.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Immersion is a term used to describe the Sun or the Moon as it enters an eclipse. Sometimes the term is applied to occultations.

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The disappearance of a celestial body either by passing behind another or passing into another's shadow.
A mapping ƒ of a topological space X into a topological space Y such that for every xX there exists a neighborhood N of x, such that ƒ is a homeomorphism of N onto ƒ(N).
(science and technology)
Placement into or within a fluid, usually water.
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Of the 3,840 smears examined by the microscope using oil immersion lens, 1,185(30.9%) were positive for malaria, while 2,655(69.1%) cases tested negative.
A, B, and K: water immersion at 63[degrees]C, 100[degrees]C, and 25[degrees]C; C and D: oil immersion at 100[degrees]C and 150[degrees]C; E, F, and G: air drying at 63[degrees]C, 100[degrees]C, and 150[degrees]C; H and J: infrared drying at 100[degrees]C and 150[degrees]C.
In contrast, no change in morphology, differential counts or average platelet numbers per oil immersion field was seen on smears prepared on day-1 of venipuncture but stained five days later.
4, b shows the [TS.sub.F] change curves of swollen rubber at different temperatures after 168 h of crude oil immersion. As the temperature increased, the TSF curve decreased.
The presently isolated Chhidruan specimen is however distinct in having circular corpus, which is more thick and dark brown in color making detection or identification of taenae rather difficult even under oil immersion objective.
The NBR dissolution induced a slight fall, with 18% loss after oil immersion and 30% decrease after heat aging.
Alternate method is the average number of platelets per oil immersion field (OIF) multiplied by the patient's haemoglobin concentration in g/dl and then multiplied by 1000 to yield platelet count estimation per microliter.
Internal morphology (sporozoites) was visible in some Cystoisospora cysts under oil immersion (100x magnification) lens.
Periodic samples were examined under the microscope using an oil immersion objective lens and the progress of sporulation was recorded.
He also talks of his "disastrous" year in neuropathology and neurochemistry: "I screwed the oil immersion objective of the microscope through several priceless slides.
of fields to be examined More than 10 AFB per Positive 3+ 20 oil immersion field 1-10 AFB per oil Positive 2+ 50 immersion field 10-99 AFB per 100 Positive 1+ 100 oil immersion field 1-9 AFB per 100 Scanty Record exact 200 oil immersion field number seen No AFB per 100 Negative -- 100 oil immersion field Table 2: Sputum induction.
There are other advantages over oil immersion fryers, he added.