Oil Pump

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oil pump

[′ȯil ‚pəmp]
(mechanical engineering)
A pump of the gear, vane, or plunger type, usually an integral part of the automotive engine; it lifts oil from the sump to the upper level in the splash and circulating systems, and in forced-feed lubrication it pumps the oil to the tubes leading to the bearings and other parts.

Oil Pump


a device for pumping oil under pressure, used in the lubrication systems of internal combustion engines, the hydraulic drives of machinery, and so on. Gear-type and piston-type (reciprocating) oil pumps are the most commonly used types. The oil-diffusion (oil-vapor) pumps used in vacuum technology are also called oil pumps.

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Punes automotive component maker ADVIK Hi-Tech has secured six orders for the supply of transmission oil pumps from Magna Powertrain, which is expected to yield sales revenues of about Rs.
According to Concentric, its electric oil pump offers system power savings through its variable pressure and speed control capability with the additional benefits of low noise.
The Cornell Hot Oil pump serves two purposes: moving thermal fluid into a heat exchanger on the fryer containing live tonnes of sunflower oil in which the crisps are cooked and feeding thermal fluid into the heat exchanger on the blancher.
is hoping to have the Oil Pump in full production and available to the public within the very near future.
The company develops and produces a wide portfolio of hydraulic and vacuum pumps, transmission components, as well as air-conditioning compressors with CO2 technology and adjustable lubricating oil pumps.
The testing model of the Tower Type Oil Pump was originally customized for Daqing Petroleum.
Unlike traditional rotary designs, the Entec PSZ oil pump relies on an adjustable pendulum slidegate.
Metaldyne wanted a two-operator system that would process the machined casting, and assemble a water pump, an oil pump, thermostat, temperature sensor, and power steering pump mounting bracket.
Arrow has introduced new prices on crankshafts, camshafts, water pumps and oil pumps to compete with remanufactured products.
If it turns out that the oil holes are not filled with foreign matter, your oil pump may need attention.
Another prototype part was an oil pump cover plate which acts as the bearing surface for the rotating teeth of the gear pump.
In the rear, there's an assortment of oil field equipment, including a seemingly immovable 65-ton oil pump (ask a staff member to show you what happened to it when the temblor hit).