oil radiator

oil cooler

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Fuel oil cooler.
A heat exchanger used to cool the oil. It may be an air-oil heat exchanger or a fuel-oil heat exchanger. Also called an oil radiator.
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Both models are equipped with a heavily-revised version of BMW's 4.4-litre V8 engine that has been upgraded with dual Alpina-designed turbochargers, new lightweight pistons, a high-capacity fuel system, a bigger oil radiator and three intercoolers.
It has no running water but is heated by an oil radiator and draws electricity from her parents' pounds 170,000 threebedroom terraced house.
A thermal oil radiator is not part and parcel of the oven structure--it is a radiator optimised for heat transfer.
Electrician Jonathan Keam, who examined the property, said Mrs Whittall had been electrocuted because a faulty electric oil radiator had shorted, causing the bath, water, taps and waste pipe, which were not earth-bonded, to become live.