oil spill

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oil spill:

see water pollutionwater pollution,
contamination of water resources by harmful wastes; see also sewerage, water supply, pollution, and environmentalism. Industrial Pollution
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When rescuers arrived, they found a two-mile oil slick and wreckage from the ship.
Their oil & gas division validate the presence of offshore petroleum systems by mapping the presence of persistent oil slicks.
Also in March last year, two incidents of oil slicks were reported in the same area.
He said: "It is not really surprising that we haven't been able to find out where the oil slick came from.
The figure could rise further if the oil slick reaches more areas and the cleanup and damage control work is subject to delay.
The Pentagon last night ordered in two giant C-130 Hercules cargo planes to bomb the oil slick with chemicals.
This major oil slick on the Tyne put wildlife under threat.
WILDLIFE were rescued from a lake in a major operation to clear an oil slick.
There are reports that search crews have located an oil slick and are using underwater detection equipment to try to find the craft.
An oil slick was found in the Pacific Ocean off Kochi Prefecture on Sunday and the coast guard office in Kobe later concluded the oil is a mixture of fuel oil and engine lubricant.
CAPE TOWN: Thousands of penguins were herded into wire enclosures yesterday to prevent them from swimming into an oil slick from a tanker that sank near Cape Town a week ago.
Last season, she slipped and fell on her posterior after stepping on an oil slick while exiting the team van during a stop at a gas station.