oil spill

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oil spill:

see water pollutionwater pollution,
contamination of water resources by harmful wastes; see also sewerage, water supply, pollution, and environmentalism. Industrial Pollution
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Under Canadas historic $1.5 billion Oceans Protection Plan, we are making major investments in science to help protect our coasts and waterways from the impacts of potential oil spills, and to support the collection of data in order to identify changes in coastal environments.
This amount consists of a Static Oil Boom to block the main source and Moveable Oil Boom to block the Oil Spill that is separated from the main source.
'We found no traces of oil spill,' she said in an interview.
In case of a massive oil spill in the South China Sea, Hermogino said countries in the region should no longer raise the question of jurisdiction and help in cleaning up the debris.
'The region is one of the busiest waterways, and we have common maritime borders so it would be better to address massive oil spill in case there is an oil tanker incident.
Speaking to ANI, one of the creative minds behind the project, Mithun, said: "Our project is for cleaning up oil spill in sea shores.
Further, Ursabia said the Marpolex 2019 will showcase the drills to test the level of preparedness of participating countries; enhance the interoperability in combating oil pollution at sea; and introduce new techniques, strategies and effective assessment in oil spill response operation.
That incident, in turn, was caused by an oil spill from an earlier accident which occurred at the same location,' the statement read.
The extent of the damage, however, has yet to be ascertained pending reports on the effects of the oil spill on the environment.
[ClickPress, Mon Mar 18 2019] Adroit Market Research launched a study titled, "Global Oil Spill Dispersants Market Size 2017 by Application (Offshore and Onshore), by Region (North America, Europe, Asia-pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa) - Forecast 2018 to 2025".
AREAS located on Bahrain's eastern coast such as Sitra, Jaw and Askar are more prone to oil spills than other parts of the country, according to a new study.