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Whetstone, George

Whetstone, George, 1551?–1587, English dramatist and poet. His chief work, the play Promos and Cassandra (1578), is important in the development of English domestic drama and was a source for Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. Whetstone, whose works are full of grave moral utterances, was also the author of Rock of Regard (1576), a miscellany of verse and prose; A Remembrance (1577), a poem in honor of his friend George Gascoigne; An Heptameron of Civil Discourses (1582); and A Mirror for Magistrates of Cities (1584).


whetstone, natural or manufactured stone used as an abrasive solid to sharpen tools. It is used dry, with water, or with oil. Such a stone of the finer grade used with oil is usually called an oilstone.
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A whetstone used with oil.
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A fine-grained stone used to impart a sharp edge on tools; oil is used to lubricate the rubbing surface.
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Caption: Figure 1: Relation between AC-16 relative bulk density and oilstone ratio.
Dr Oilstone brings a new, more overt, sense of humour to the proceedings, his megaphoned announcements keeping the audience under control.
A whetstone costs about $50, but you can also use an oilstone, which starts at about $20 at Northwestern Cutlery.