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gaboon, okoume

A wood resembling African mahogany but softer and lighter in weight.
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Gucci Rush for men, pounds 29, has "rich raw materials" like incense, fresh wood, okoume and musk.
Immense Sapelli and Okoume trees tower over the forest floor, and small antelopes called duikers plunge through the undergrowth while the calls of bonobos and sooty mangabeys sound from the leafy canopy.
Tea and coffee marketers generally use either okoume or mahogany.
Behind the immaculate glazed skin is a shifting mosaic of okoume veneered panels.
Oriented strandboard (OSB), okoume (Aucoumea klaineana) plywood (PLY) and medium density fiberboard (MDF) were used as wood composites.
Another name reported to be often used for Aucoumea klaineana is Okoume.
1997) determined that for 12-mm-thick plywood made from okoume manufactured in Turkey, surface roughness values [R.
This ultra-feminine, floral woody fragrance opens with a burst of Italian Bergamot and sparkling Dewfruit, leading into a seductive heart of White Champaca and lush Mangosteen and an enticing drydown of Ambered Okoume, Patchouli and Musk.
Passionate heart notes of intensely seductive White Champaca and lusciously tempting Mangosteen ignite desire, and are enveloped in an enthralling drydown of Ambered Okoume, Patchouli and luxurious, warm Musks.