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name for several plants, among them a clematisclematis
, any plant of the large genus Clematis (sometimes subdivided into three or four genera), widely distributed herbs or vines of the family Ranunculaceae (buttercup family), many of them native to the United States. Some have an irritating sap.
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 and a lichenlichen
, usually slow-growing organism of simple structure, composed of fungi (see Fungi) and photosynthetic green algae or cyanobacteria living together in a symbiotic relationship and resulting in a structure that resembles neither constituent.
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The scented flowers of old man's beard are barely significant and the plant gets one of its nicknames because the fluffy seedheads are its most prominent feature.
I really like the cat swinging on the old man's beard, and the fox in the hole.
Old man's beard cuts a dash in the darker days 6 All around our hedges at the moment the fluffy seedheads of wild clematis decorate the fading foliage, mingling with the crimson berries of hawthorn and bright orange rosehips.
If it looks like deer antlers, seaweed, fish net or an old man's beard, it's probably lichen.
By this time, the first blooms are now green seed pods, which ripen throughout the autumn and burst open to produce seeds attached to wispy, pearl-white fluff - better known as Old Man's Beard.