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see husband and wifehusband and wife,
the legal aspects of the married state (for the sociological aspects, see marriage). The Marriage Contract

Marriage is a contractual relationship between a man and a woman that vests the parties with a new legal status.
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a man's partner in marriage; a married woman
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For good measure, here's another old wives' tale in the beer industry: beer distributors have a single value.
As to the old wives' tale, if you do live in a fluctuating climate and ant to put your piano near an exterior wall, make sure the wall is well insulated and any nearby windows well sealed.
We had no intention of finding out what we were having but an old wives' tale indicated we were having a little girl.
I've tried all the old wives' tale cures as well - like vinegar and sugar or breathing into a bag.
There's an old wives' tale in that country that the team who take the pitch first always loses.
It's not just an old wives' tale, according to Cardiff Met Office.
An old wives' tale claims that drinking a vile- sounding concoction of gelatine and water will help keep nails supple,but this has no scientific basis.
The String Test is an old wives' tale that uses the movement of a needle and thread to "predict" how many children a woman will have and the gender of each child in birth order.
Eating carrots helps you see in the dark: The old wives' tale that most of us will have heard when we were young actually turns out to have some basis in fact.
AN ancient old wives' tale is girls are more likely to be conceived in the afternoon and on an even day of the month, while boys are more likely at night and on odd days.
The major issue is wind and a lack of humidity, it's not blowing pollen from the desert - that's an old wives' tale.