Old Woman

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What does it mean when you dream about an old woman?

An old woman is an archetypal symbol whose feminine energy is the power of life and death, having brought forth life as a mother and now ushering in the last phase of life as physical deterioration leads to mortal death.

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Old Woman

of Surrey “morn, noon, and night in a hurry.” [Nurs. Rhyme: Mother Goose, 117]
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Yet on the other end of the spectrum the opposing hyper-invisibility of old women is rarely examined.
These old women have one thing in common, they all come from korogocho slum one of the most unsecure slum in Kenya's capital nairobi.
The original stage version of Grumpy Old Women Live completed four sell-out UK tours, a hugely successful month-long West End residency, and a hit run in Australia - which, combined, sold 180,000 tickets.
I was surprised to find out how much I never really thought of old women being a part of all social justice movements.
Grumpy Old Women Live has been co-written by comedian, writer and performer Jenny Eclair and Judith Holder, writer and producer of the Liberty Bell TV series.
His search leads him to an isolated village, where he is greeted by a group of old women who jab him with harpoons and throw him into a pit.
"I once tried to pitch the idea of a multiple-author anthology of fiction about old women kicking butt, acting up and generally being the revolutionary viragoes that old women can be, but I couldn't get a publisher to bite," Hopkinson commented.
It all makes for an uproariously entertaining evening and audiences have been flocking to see Grumpy Old Women Live.