Olfactory Nerve

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olfactory nerve

[äl′fak·trē ‚nərv]
The first cranial nerve; a paired sensory nerve with its origin in the olfactory lobe and formed by processes of the olfactory cells which lie in the nasal mucosa; greatly reduced in humans.

Olfactory Nerve


the first, paired cranial nerve in vertebrates. The olfactory nerve consists of the axons of the olfactory receptor cells (see). These outgrowths are among the thinnest and slowest-conducting unmyelinated nerve fibers. In mammals, in contrast with other vertebrates, the olfactory nerve does not form a single trunk, but rather, a group of separate bundles. The fibers of the olfactory nerve terminate in the olfactory bulb of the forebrain. Contact between the outgrowths of the neurons of the olfactory bulb and the fibers of the olfactory nerve occurs within the bulb, in specialized synaptic structures called olfactory glomerulae.

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The relations of the olfactory nerve and the neuropil to the neurons in the procerebrum can be seen when the neuropil is stained with antibodies to SCP.
Keywords: Olfactory; Behavior; Olfactory nerve transection; Ninjin-yoei-to; Traditional medicine; Regeneration
Schwann cells of the olfactory nerves contain glial fibrillary acidic protein and resemble astrocytes.
A day after severing the olfactory nerves of mice, the researchers began administering vitamin A.
BACKGROUND: Studies in monkeys with intranasally instilled gold ultrafine particles (UFPs; < 100 nm) and in rats with inhaled carbon UFPs suggested that solid UFPs deposited in the nose travel along the olfactory nerve to the olfactory bulb.
In humans, the sensory patches are one square inch which contains 10 million olfactory nerve cells.
In the highest part of the nasal cavity are olfactory nerves which pick up smell and send its sensations to the olfactory lobe of the brain which records the smell.
Hot food gives off more vapor, which is sensed by the olfactory nerves. Also, the tongue's sensitivity to some flavors is affected by the temperature of the food: heat will increase the intensity of sweet or bitter flavors, while cold will reduce their impact.
At first, I thought my olfactory nerves were just on overdrive and was finding fault in him.
It spreads through submucosal planes to the surrounding structures and involves anterior cranial fossa destroying the cribriform plate with propagation along the perineural spaces of olfactory nerves. Orbital extension takes place through erosion of lamina papyracea.
To put it simply, our ability to smell is generated by certain nerve cells at the top of the nose; these send signals through the olfactory nerves to the olfactory cortex in the brain.
To make matters worse, while you ingest what tastes like straw or something equally uninteresting, your olfactory nerves have picked up the delicious aroma of sinfully delicious food wafting your way.