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, market condition in which there is only one seller of a certain commodity; by virtue of the long-run control over supply, such a seller is able to exert nearly total control over prices.
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a term used in bourgeois economics to designate a form of market structure in developed capitalist countries. Under oligopolistic conditions several large firms monopolize the bulk of production and marketing and conduct nonprice competition among themselves. The term “oligopoly” was introduced by the English writer T. More, the founder of Utopian socialism, in his Utopia (1516). A mixture of monopoly and competition, oligopoly is characteristic of almost all branches of present-day capitalist mass production.


Economics a market situation in which control over the supply of a commodity is held by a small number of producers each of whom is able to influence prices and thus directly affect the position of competitors
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To emphasise strategic thinking in the market, we make use of a classroom activity as a way to approximate an oligopolistic market.
The allocative dynamic efficiencies that conduct generates may also deter the creation of a QV investment that would otherwise have been made by making it profitable for the perpetrator(s) to respond to a QV investment that a rival would otherwise have made by creating a QV investment and producing a situation in which that rival and the perpetrator(s) confront each other with critical natural oligopolistic QV-investment disincentives (see below).
We model oligopolistic competition within a two-layer production economy as in the study by Devereux and Lee (2001).
On this basis, the NaCC acknowledged the allegation made but needs to caution not to draw obvious conclusions from the nature of how the oligopolistic market operates.
In this model, the number of varieties of final products is fixed, and firms producing final products engage in oligopolistic competition.
Specifically, with increasing returns in production, distribution, and management, oligopolistic competition became the dominant type of market structure in leading industrial countries such as the United States (Chandler 1990).
So what we have is a potential price gouging in slow motion, when you have a defacto oligopolistic industry that knows it can asks 3 times inflation increases in reimbursements from the insurance companies, just because they can"
Results suggest that, in an oligopolistic environment, aspects of multimarket competition are important to foreign direct investment decisions.
Television is a legally maintained oligopolistic business.
It said that Aker is one of only three large players worldwide in the construction of cruise ships, a structure the Commission said was oligopolistic.
the purpose of price-fixing claims in oligopolistic markets, (l) While
While the Commission has pushed market liberalization relentlessly in order to promote corporate competitiveness, many markets, for instance energy, have become more oligopolistic in the course of that process.