Olive Branch

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What does it mean when you dream about an olive branch?

A symbol of peace, the olive branch is associated with the dove bringing God’s message of hope for a peaceful new world to Noah. It represents resolution of conflicts and reconciliation, and perhaps the lifting of a burden in the life of the dreamer.

olive branch

symbol of peace and serenity. [Gk. and Rom. Myth.: Brewer Handbook; O.T.: Genesis, 8:11]
See: Peace
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Of course, quality comes at a price and if you're looking for a cheap night out, then the Olive Branch is not the place for you.
After a beach honeymoon to Daytona and Orlando, Florida, the couple is at home in Olive Branch.
The Olive Branch homemade burger had been recommended by a reader (Elaine from Kirkcaldy) and, sure enough, the big 8oz meaty affair that I watched winging its way to another table looked great.
Operation Olive Branch, with Lysistrata as its source material, was an attempt to comprehend the contemporary transnational situation through drama.
The initiative aims at celebrating Arab intellectual contributions in various fields and categories, according to an Olive Branch press release.
Members of the Olive Branch Lodge of Masons will meet at 7:30 p.
They knew that the olive branch was a sign of peace.
Olive Branch Family Medical Center was a paperless practice almost as soon as it opened in August 2003.
MEMPHIS: In a pair of closed lease transactions referred by Steven Podolsky, a CORFAC International affiliate in the Chicago-metro city of Riverwoods, Treat Macdonald of Crump Commercial LLC/CORFAC International announced the completion of two large industrial leases in Olive Branch, MS and Memphis for Greensboro, N.
But Holland held out an olive branch, insisting the player could be back involved this week if he made his peace with the club.
In an open letter to the Home Secretary, Jan Berry, chairman of the Police Federation, said: "I want to take this opportunity to offer an olive branch.