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The olive-green hat was featured in one of the most memorable scenes in the film, when Scarlett implores her faithful maid Mammy, played by Hattie McDaniel, to transform her late mother's green velvet draperies into a dress and hat.
He was at his best when the collar of his olive-green shirt had every reason to tighten around his neck like a noose.
Everything on the album is a mixture of all those things I heard growing up as a black youth, listening to black music,'' said Badu, 26, a striking, mocha-skinned woman who was wearing a towering, shimmering olive-green head wrap.
Ditto for Susan Sarandon, who wore a sleek olive-green bias-cut velvet gown by Donna Karan.
But he was quickly stopped by a police officer, a stout man in an olive-green uniform who fingered his shiny belt buckle and tilted his head toward a telephone.
Decked out in matching olive-green T-shirts, club members meet four mornings a week to ride the open roads surrounding Thousand Oaks.
Iraqis and allied Kurds, wearing their traditional olive-green baggy outfit belted by a cotton scarf, set up checkpoints along the road.