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[Lat. omnibus=for all], large public conveyance. A horse-drawn urban omnibus was introduced in Paris in 1662 by Blaise Pascal and his associates, but it remained in operation for only a few years. The omnibus reappeared c.
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We have 10 copies of the Indiana Jones Omnibus Volume 1 to be won today.
In books such as the Patternist novels, published from 1976 to 1984, and the Xenogenesis trilogy, published from 1987 to 1989 and now collected in the omnibus volume Lilith's Brood, Butler employed the stuff of hard science--biological engineering, interspecies hybrids--to create settings and situations that are both literally and figuratively alien.
The third work in this omnibus volume, Kenneth McPherson's The Indian Ocean: A History of People and the Sea (published in 1993), is arguably intellectually and thematically the most ambitious of the studies.