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carnivore (kärˈnəvôrˌ), term commonly applied to any animal whose diet consists wholly or largely of animal matter. In animal systematics it refers to members of the mammalian order Carnivora (see Chordata). This large order is divided into two suborders, the Fissipedia, or land carnivores, and the Pinnipedia, or fin-footed carnivores. The Fissipedia encompasses two superfamilies: one (Canoidea) includes the dog, bear, raccoon, and weasel families and the other (Feloidea) includes the cat, civet, and hyena families. The Pinnipedia, often classified as a separate order, includes the seal, sea lion, and walrus families. The term herbivore refers to animals whose diets consist wholly or largely of plant matter; omnivore refers to animals that eat both animal and plant matter. Unlike the term carnivore, these terms do not refer to any one group in animal systematics.


See R. F. Ewer, The Carnivores (1986); J. L. Gittleman, Carnivore Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution (1989).

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An organism that eats both animal and vegetable matter.
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The cultural omnivore is identified by her liking of diverse cultural forms.
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Leisure-seeking omnivores (44.4%) represented PMI who were active in almost all of the Internet usage activities.
For example; Omnivore was major feeding in marsh swamp and lake, Insectivore in lotus swamp and dryland with scattered trees, and Frugivore/Insectivore in scrubland habitat.
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Advantages: With great care and moderation an omnivore can easily get every vitamin and mineral their body needs.
Each recipe is identified as vegan, vegetarian, omnivore or a combination of them.
We also analyzed the specimens classified among the high faunistic values (super-dominant, dominant, super-abundant, very abundant, abundant, super-frequent, very frequent, frequent, and constant), and we found 22 (8 predators, 5 omnivores, 5 detritivores, and 4 herbivores) and 10 (5 predators, 3 omnivores, and 2 herbivores) species for organic and conventional systems, respectively.
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