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Despite enjoying two great cup wins last week, the Bay were thrashed by 10 wickets in a one-sided test at Liverpool Competition ECB 1st XI Premier League leaders Ormskirk.
Abu Dhabi: As another shameful defeat looms large before them, the only thing West Indian and of any interest in the one-sided Test series was possibly the presence of Sir Viv Richards in the commentator's box on Monday.
Rugby fans wake up to the Wales and England teams in action in New Zealand and Australia, football fans can sit to down to tea in front of Wales v Slovakia followed by England v Russia at Euro 2016, while at Lord's England continue a one-sided Test series against Sri Lanka.
A score of 55 % correct responses (11/20) was significant for performance in a 20-trial session using the 35.01 % chance level (p =0.02, binomial test, one-sided test).
We considered a one-sided test, 5% significance level with power of 90% and absolute effect size 0.75, SD = 1.2 in the terbinafine and SD = 0.65 in the fluconazole group based on the study of Scaparro et al.
Additionally, we calculated the RCV with a one-sided test to illustrate the situation in which patients experience (increasing) symptoms of heart failure.
At 185 for nine, when last man Shanon Gabriel walked in one anticipated a near end to a one-sided Test match.
The rest of the Lions helped themselves to plenty of points in what turned out to be a distinctly one-sided Test match.
Sydney, July 22 ( ANI ): Australian captain Michael Clarke looked shattered at his post-match conference after his side lost yet another one-sided Test Match to England by 347 runs, very different from the last Ashes Test at Trent Bridge where the margin was just 14 runs.
Rahul Dravid kept churning out the runs in a one-sided Test series, to the extent that India recalled the veteran to their ODI team for this series.
In response to 'One-sided Test' (GDN, August 19), first allow me to congratulate England on a commendable performance during the Test series with India.
Durham fast bowler Harmison has been overlooked this summer while England chose to look at county team-mate Graham Onions during the one-sided Test series against West Indies, but has responded by claiming 30 championship wickets in six matches, including 16 in the last two games against Lancashire and Warwickshire.