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Strong anti-aging, natural anti-biotic medicine for heart and blood, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, boosts HDL level, anticoagulant, dissolves blood clots, thins, cleans and builds blood, onion oils block formation of cancerous growths, helps asthma and allergies. An antiseptic, onions can disinfect animal and insect bites, heal mouth sores, poor vision, bloody diarrhea, help sleep, toothaches, headaches, burns, flesh wounds, burns, bruises, hair loss, parasites, and upset stomachs. Has large amounts of sulfur which cleanses the liver and skin, has antiseptic properties and helps build all connective tissue. Aphrodisiac. Increases orgasms. It’s stimulating oils increase the flow of digestive juices creating a greater absorption of nutrients. The sulfuric oils have antiseptic qualities which prevent putrefaction in the intestines by inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria. Used for athletic performance, anti-bacteria, candida, diabetes, endocrine system, endurance, strength, expectorant, vision and eyes, fungus and fungal infections, heartburn, hemorrhoids, hormones, immune system, insect repellant, joint pain, liver, lungs, mucus, poisoning, salmonella, healthy, glowing younger skin, better sleep, sore throat, stomach cramps, ulcer and cancer, sunburn, teeth, mouth and gums. Onions combine wonderfully with avocados, nuts, seeds and almost any other type of fat or oils. Salads with lots of nuts are good with onions. Many people who live to be 100+ eat onions. Onion juice is insect repellent. Make sure onion-like plants have onion smell or they may not be onion and poisonous.

What does it mean when you dream about onions?

Onions can symbolize many-layered issues, like the many aspects of life to be discovered and revealed. Also, onions, like garlic, are sometimes used as talismans against evil forces.

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Onions are mostly round, slightly flat or cone-shaped.Their skin can be white, yellow, red or purple.
De Guzman was among thousands of onion farmers in Nueva Ecija who have been asking the government to intervene and stop, or restrict the issuance of permits to import onions to prioritize local supply.
A kilo of red onions is now selling at P60-P70, he said.
Meanwhile, reports say there has been huge production of onions in the neighbouring country, resulting in a price slump.
The antioxidants in onions help detoxify our body by flushing out toxins from the bloodstream.
The Department of Agriculture (DA) has suspended the importation of onion until the end of the year after local growers vowed to cut prices as supply remains ample.
According to a Datassential survey on menu trends, the use of pickled onions has grown 191 per cent in restaurants and diners in the US in the last four years.
Space plants at least six inches apart in 1-foot-wide rows so they will have room to grow top size onions. To harvest seedlings as green onions, space them just a couple inches apart.
A field of onions behind the back gate of Datong Elementary School in Changhua County's Shengang Township has been opened to the public to pick for free because its owner Ko Ming-chin said that due to a bumper crop and a drop in the price of onions, he would actually lose money taking them to market to sell.
There are potential markets and an opportunity to access these markets for exporting Azerbaijani onions. For example, Georgia ($431/ton), Saudi Arabia ($420/ton), Russia ($408/ton), Kuwait ($365/ton), Bahrain ($313/ton) and other countries.
The prices of onions have bottomed out in the recent weeks and the situation is to worsen further in the coming few months as onions from Baluchistan are expected to reach markets across Pakistan.