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Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the office's confidential Tip Line at 503-723-4949, or by using the online e-mail form at www.
edu with your name, position, organization, and e-mail address, as well as any thoughts you might have on the magazine or this online e-mail announcement system.
s popular Gmail application could dissuade some IT managers from letting workers use the online e-mail system for corporate business, analysts say.
Consumer Watchdog praised Google on Tuesday for agreeing to offer improved security for users of its online e-mail services like Gmail.
Users requesting the software will receive via their Optimum Online e-mail instructions on how to download and install the security suite as well as the license key to activate the product and receive periodic updates as they become available.
Online e-mail services such as Gmail or Yahoo are candidates for such protection, Picardi says.
It plans to move many of its MSN division products into a new Windows Live brand available via the Internet and will combine features such as a new online e-mail service to replace Hotmail, an IM service, data storage and web security.
Many students continue to use Yahoo or America Online e-mail accounts even though they are provided by their IHE with standard accounts.
The Nokia 6630 phone offers online e-mail, the possibility to download and view e-mail attachments, mobile broadband access to multimedia content, live video streaming and video conferencing.
Antivirus capabilities are also extended to within the network and prevents infection from discs, CDs and online e-mail accounts.
He acids that the cost of implementing such systems could drive many companies out of business, and for large online e-mail clients (such as HotMail) validating users would be impossible because these users of online e-mail services can access accounts from any computer, and messages are, therefore, not tied to any particular ISP.

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