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online music store

A Web-based service that sells copyrighted songs and albums for a fee. With Apple's iTunes being the most popular, an online music store is a legitimate music distribution organization that pays royalties to the music's copyright holders. Even Napster, which became infamous in the early 2000s for facilitating illegal copying, became a legitimate service in 2003.

Following are some of the major online music stores in alphabetical order. For music information in general, visit Contrast with peer-to-peer network, which allows people to share music, whether copyrighted or not. See music streaming service.
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Apple currently works to ensure only music purchased from its iTunes store is available for Apple products, with songs bought from other online music stores generally not working on iPods.
Apple is also spearheading the digital music revolution with its iPod portable music players and iTunes online music store.
Apple Computer Inc., the company that created iPod, wasn't satisfied with being just another creator of MP3 players, so it created iTunes, an online music store. Nearly 1 billion songs have been sold on iTunes to date.
The pair are also getting their music heard worldwide through the label's online music store, Traxsource, with both having tracks reach the store's download Top 10.
Tokyo, Japan, Nov 25, 2005 - (JCNN) - Daiki Sound announced on November 24 that it has made Japanese indie music available for download in over 21 countries including the US, Canada, Australia, and several European countries, through Apple Computer's online music store, iTunes Music Store.
SDAE, the digital arm of Spanish authors' society SGAE, is building a comprehensive online music store for Latin repertoire from Spain and Latin America, Billboard magazine reported Jun.
Users can easily connect with the iTunes Music Store, the most widely used online music store in the world.
SONY PSYC ATRAC D-EJ100 Compact disc player Plays music for 45 hours on two AA batteries, plus it hooks up to Sony's online music store Just released
Maybe inevitably, a legal online music store is occasionally going to get hung up on the law.
has formally opened its online music store, offering songs at 88 cents each, undercutting rivals Apple Computer Inc., Roxio Inc.
At Apple Computer's online music store, you can buy and download a half-million songs for 99 cents apiece, including "Silence," by Bill Schaeffer; "Silence," by Ciccone Youth; "One Minute of Silence," by Project Grudge; and three different Slum Village tracks titled "Silent." All are, indeed, silent.
IN MID-OCTOBER APPLE COMPUTER announced a Windows version of its iTunes music player and online music store. This service lets you download music legally for 99 cents a song.

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